Who on earth is Unearthing Music?

I’m Fabian Desmicht. Nice to meet you!
I look forward to discuss newly unearthed music with you.
I was born and raised in Belgium.
I still live and work there. And I don’t see it change anytime soon.
I have one lovely wife, two great kids, four cats and a vast record collection.
I’m a fulltime copywriter at Becoming, and a sometime music writer at daMusic.be.
I’m not a jealous guy, nor a working class hero.
I spend ten hours on trains every week.
I like discovering music. All day and all of the night. Especially eclectic stuff.
I’m magnetically attracted to unusual time signatures. Money. Inca Roads. Blue Rondo.
I like music that takes its cue from jazz.
I’m not into pure retro music.
I like the sound of Hammond organs and Fender Rhodes pianos.
I also like distorted guitars and marimbas.
I wish Zappa and Captain Beefheart were still alive.
I want to know about the harmonic intricacies of my favourite music.
I initially started UnearthingMusic.com to share my review of the authorized Robert Wyatt biography.
I usually have more ideas for blogposts than time to write them.
I scrobbled over 100.000 songs by nearly 5000 artists on Last.fm since October 2005.
I once posted my own instrumentals there too.
I’m a vinyl fanatic, but I also like Spotify. Sue me.
I have a Beautiful Songs You Should Know playlist that never fails to give me chills.
I interviewed Colin Newman (Wire, Githead) and Steven Wilson (solo, Porcupine Tree, No-Man), among others.
I need both Mojo and Uncut every month.
I have a music attic of my own.
I’m probably there right now.

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